Monday, October 9, 2017


Claire asked for a Hatchimal for Christmas. She took it in the car with her when she went to visit Nana and Papa.

The roads were terrible, but we made it safely to Kaysville!

Claire's Hatchimal only took a couple hours to hatch, then she snuggled it and showed it to everyone for the rest of the day.

Claire got to play with her cousins on Christmas. They all looked so cute!

Claire and Connor in their Christmas jammies.

Opening presents.

Christmas outfits! :)

Claire with her matching doll.

The kids get a new ornament every year and this year they got lego ones. Claire got a Santa and Connor got a train.

Claire also got an easy bake oven and was so excited to bake her first treat the next day!

It was a great Christmas!

The rest of December

Claire and Connor eating brownie batter. 

Connor loved dipping crackers in milk.

Snuggles on the rocking chair. <3

Trying on hats at the store. 

We babysat my cousin's baby and Claire loved getting to play with her.

Claire serenading Connor.

Connor playing in Daddy's guitar case.

Connor eating pomegranate.

Connor sitting in his high chair just for fun.

Claire's first bloody nose.

Connor taking a little rest on the bar stools.

The snow melted so the kids had to play in the sandbox while they could!

Connor painting.

Connor taking a little nap in the car. 

Claire drinking chocolate milk.

Claire got invited to a Trolls birthday party. She loved her troll outfit and hair!

Connor's hair had sooo much volume this day, I had to document it.

We did a practice run on Claire's hair for Disneyland. She chose to dress up like Jasmine.

Adobe December Shutdown

Richie got time off work for the holidays, so we took advantage of it and did some fun family activities.

We went to the dinosaur museum. Richie got to witness our tradition of crawling out of the tunnel and roaring like a dinosaur. 

Claire got to make a fossil.

Connor's favorite part is always playing in the sand.

We also went to the aquarium.

We had our first Grinch Party at Shawndra's house. It's a tradition that she's done with her family for years, and it was fun that she shared it with us!

We're making a Christmas Lego tree and this was the start of our ornaments.


Papa bought a new car and let us help him start restoring it. 

Claire LOVED helping Papa and kept asking for months when she got to fix Papa's car again.

The kids also played the Piano for a while...

And played with pipeworks.