Monday, May 21, 2018

The rest of August

Claire and R2D2

Connor pushing around his precious cargo (a knife)

Movie night!

Helping dad with work.

Guns and armor. 

Putting animals in the right country with Dad. 

Richie's birthday!

Shopping for a new computer desk.


Tablet time. He loves resting his chin in his hands. 

Nana brought back outfits from Samoa. The kids looked so cute!

Samoan CTR rings. 

Megan's baby shower. 

Claire accessorized me with bows at her friend's house. 

Raclette dinner at Nana and Papa's house. 

The only place Connor will eat soup is at Zupas. He drinks it. It makes me laugh EVERY time haha.       

Soup mustache. 

Connor with some sunnies. 

Getting a hair cut!

Field Trips

The zoo. 

Connor, Claire and the Gorilla. 

Watching the elephants get fed. 

Claire, Connor and Mom. 

Posing at the eagle's nest. 

Claire and Connor were obsessed with the baby we went to the zoo with. 

We went to a bee's game for Richie's work. Claire paid attention to the game a lot more than we thought. Connor loved the treats and the train haha.

The aquarium. 

For Richie's birthday activity he said that he wanted to let the kids paint something at Color Me Mine. Connor chose a shark. 

Claire picked a unicorn.

We spent the weekend in Park City for our anniversary. Thanks Becky and Terry for watching the kids!

The curiosity museum. 

Claire and Connor went through a phase where they ONLY wanted to climb the rope bridges anytime we went to the curiosity museum. It was fun to see because they both used to be terrified and wouldn't climb on them at all. 

Taking a break at the splash pad. 

Crafts/Science Experiments

Arranging skittles so we can pour warm water on them. 

Watching the magic happen. 

Connor painting a picture. 

Claire working on her letters and coloring.

Baking soda, food coloring and vinegar.

Using play doh to practice letters.