Monday, July 2, 2018

The rest of October

Playing in the sandbox.

Gun range night with friends.

Babysitting my cute, chubby niece. 

The most peaceful little sleeper. 

Riding bikes to the park.

Using baking ingredients to "make creations" on the back porch.

Claire went to a unicorn birthday party. Unicorn face paint:

The refused to throw away their party favor bag for a long time haha.

When you have an older sister, sometimes you end up with girly things.

Claire reading to Connor. 

"Look at my hat, Mom!"

Couldn't make it through sacrament meeting.

Playing video games together.

These two kids eat pomegranates like nobody's business.

Riding a jeep at a friend's house.

And a "lawn mower"

They frequently make the same facial expressions. They must be siblings. ;)

More napping

Apparently this is the most comfortable part of the couch. 

Connor wearing my shoes. 

Field Trips

My little pony with friends.

After the movie we went to lunch together.

Gardner village witches night out with Nana.

The aquarium with Dad.

Smoothies with my little Buddy.

Gardner Village

We went to the Halloween activities at Gardner Village with some friends. 

The witch broom car wash.

Making a potion.

Playing on the slides. 

The corn pit was a hit.

Spider web net

Air jumper. (This is what Claire broke her leg on two years prior.)

Corn Maze